How to Promote My Business on Google for Free

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How to Promote My Business on Google for Free

How to Promote My Business on Google for Free? When you hear the word promotion—most people think of ads or other paid methods.

But surprisingly, there are still ways to promote your business for free during these times. And the best way to do that? Through none other than Google.

Here are just some of the freeways local business owners can get exposure from the most used search engine in the world.

  1. Write Valuable and Helpful Content
  2. Describe in Detail What Your Business Does in Your Google My Business Listing
  3. Strengthen Your Local SEO
  4. List Your Business on Reputable Directories
  5. Publish Original Studies or Statistics
  6. Guest Post on Other High-Authority Sites
  7. Optimize your Google business listing
  8. Offer free consultations
  9. Post to Social Media and Join FB Groups
  10. Partner with other influencers
  11. Run a social media giveaway or contest
  12. Encourage user-generated content.

1. Write Valuable and Helpful Content

Writing blog posts is one of the best free ways you can promote your business. Just answer common questions (like this blog) that your ideal customers are likely asking and searching for. 

After crafting your post, make sure you beef up your on-page SEO by including your target keyword in your title, meta description, headers, article body, URL, and image alt data. This is so Google knows what a page or post is about and so it can rank higher in search results. 

Once you’re able to rank your post, more people will be able to discover your business and potentially become a customer.

2. Describe in Detail What Your Business Does in Your Google My Business Listing

When writing the description of your business in your Google My Business Listing, you have to be detailed as possible. Aside from stating your products or service, include other info that may prove helpful for potential customers.

For instance, if you’re a cafe offering all-day breakfast, note that in your listing. This way searches for “all-day breakfast” will also include your business in search results.

3. Strengthen Your Local SEO

Strengthen Your Local SEO

Local SEO is a proven path to free advertising on Google. Strategically placing location-based keywords in key areas on your website, can help propel your business to the top of organic search results for keywords related to your product or service offering.

4. List Your Business on Reputable Directories

There are many directories you can list your business on aside from Google My Business.

Business directories such as Yelp and Trip Advisor have been around for a while and are no doubt trustworthy sources in Google’s eyes. Often, business pages listed on their site show up on the first page of Google.

You can also list your local business on smaller niche directories. Although most of those aren’t as big as Yelp or Trip Advisor, listing on directories that are relevant to your business can still do wonders for your site’s SEO. 

5. Publish Original Studies or Statistics

If your business has done some studies or research, craft a blog post around it and then publish it as a guest post. Doing something like this will make you a source of link-worthy content that others will surely link to.

However, make sure you promote such posts by reaching out to bloggers who might be interested in linking back to it or reaching out to influencers who can post your article on their social media profiles.

6. Guest Post on Other High-Authority Sites

Guest posting on other high-authority sites is an amazing way to get powerful backlinks to your site. Aside from targeting high-authority sites, you can also focus on lesser-known sites that are relevant to your industry. 

Aside from transferring powerful link juice to your site, guest posting is a good way to send additional traffic your way.

7. Optimize Your Google Business Listing

Another free way to advertise your local business on Google is through their Google My Business listing. Studies show that optimized Google My Business listings get seven times more clicks and are also 50% more likely to lead to purchase than unclaimed listings with no info or details.

Aside from listing your business’ contact information and writing a compelling description, why not include a Q&A section, events list, and your product/service offerings? Adding photos can also invite more potential customers to visit you so make sure to add them as well.

8. Offer Free Consultations

If your business provides a service that offers free consultations, audits, service diagnoses or strategy calls then create a dedicated landing page that persuades visitors to try the free thing you’re offering. This will help it rank on Google, especially for people who are seeking out free consults in their area. 

For example, if your business sells blinds, create a page that offers a free consultation on how much the installation would be. Then make sure to use location-based keywords such as “free blinds consultation dallas tx” on your landing page.

Promoting Your Local Business Beyond Google

Promote in Social Media

Google isn’t the only place you can promote your business for free to gain exposure. Don’t forget social media—almost everyone’s on them so the results are promising if you do it right! Here are some ways to gain free advertising using social media:

1. Post to Social Media and Join FB Groups

Aside from posting on your business pages on different platforms, you can also use Facebook to promote what you’re offering or selling by joining FB groups where your ideal customers hang out. Be active in the groups you join by answering questions and being helpful so you can be seen as an authority in your field.

Other great social media platforms you can post on our Instagram and LinkedIn.

Instagram is perfect for local businesses where images and videos can better showcase what you’re offering. On the other hand, if your target market is professionals, posting on LinkedIn can help you reach your potential customers. 

2. Partner With Other Businesses or Influencers on Social Media

The best way to expand your business reach is to tap into someone else’s audience. This is most effective if you target businesses that offer complimentary services or products to yours. If you want to go the influencer route, go for local influencers who can direct foot traffic to your business.

3. Run a Social Media Giveaway or Contest

Run a Social Media Contest

Social media giveaways and contests are surefire ways to generate buzz and excitement about your business. It gets people talking, tagging, liking, and sharing which are all great ways to get your business promoted for free. 

A standard mechanic for these giveaways or contests is to require your followers to share the post or tag others in the comments to qualify to win the prize.

4. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an amazing way to increase your business engagement on Facebook. Urge your customers to use a hashtag or tag you every time they buy your product or go to you to get a service. 

The resulting photo or video gets shared on their accounts or submitted directly to you which you can then post on your page. Either way, you’re business is being seen so it accounts for a lot of free advertising!

Now that You have an Idea of “How to Promote My Business on Google for Free?”

Whether you’re looking to promote your local business on Google or social media, the tips covered in this post can help you achieve just that.

Just remember though that some of the above recommendations may take time to see results. But if that’s not a worry for you as long as it’s free then make sure to try all of the above!