About Us

We’re a boutique agency ran by a small of team of SEO and content specialists. Using only legitimate SEO practices that stand the test of time, we help SMEs grow their website traffic and revenue while providing a personal touch!

Proven SEO Strategies That Get You Results

As a performance-driven SEO agency, we have a steady track record of getting results for different companies all over the world. 

It’s not a question if we can help you—that’s a given.

The reason behind our success? We focus on the stuff that matters—from new customers to improved sales for you…

And that’s only possible when you have a well thought-out approach that’s in line with the latest industry updates and trends.


Attract The Right Customers With SEO

Our main goal is to help you achieve your business target whether that’s in the form of improved page ranking, web traffic or a sales goal.

We can help you get valuable, high-converting visitors through highly targeted keywords that lure in your  best customers who are ready to buy from you!


Increase Your Web Traffic and Conversions

It’s not enough that your site is getting improved web traffic. You have to convert those visitors into something—whether it be as a buyer, email subscriber or someone who inquires about your services.

Our aim is to help you make more money so you can continue doing what you do best. And we can deliver that through SEO strategies that bring your business the traffic it needs!


Here’s Why SEO is your best investment yet. 

Investing in growing your business is especially important this pandemic since many buyers are now turning online.

But with all the different types of marketing channels out there, it can be  overwhelming to choose where to put your money.

That’s why in this video, we delve into the benefits of SEO and why it matters. Check out how SEO can lead to long-term results for your business growth.



What We Do

 Let us help you improve your rankings and attract more customers through the following SEO services!

Link Building

Improve your ranking and bring in more traffic with a stronger backlink profile!

Content Optimization

Win over new customers with SEO-optimized content that ranks in Google!

On Page Optimization

Start ranking for key terms that will bring in the sales for your site! 

The 1st Page Lift Team

The 1PL team is composed of three core people as well as four other supporting members that help keep each of our campaign on track and performing well. 



President & Head of Client Services

Joanne is the contact point for all client communications and oversees the agency’s day-to-day operations. She constantly monitors any changes happening in the industry in order to recommend better strategies to the SEO lead. Outside of work, she rescues cats, enjoys baking, and consumes random info on the web.



SEO Team Lead

Ian is the head honcho for each campaign’s SEO strategy and executionHe’s also in charge of tracking the SEO performance for all of our campaigns. On his downtime, Ian has a knack for pulling all-nighters playing his favorite games and working the next morning with his wits still intact (with the help of copious coffee, of course).



Content Marketing Director

Julia handles all things content related for 1PL’s clientele—down from content planning, developing and implementing the planned SEO strategy. She’s also responsible for managing the creation of all online content delivered for 1PL clients. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with her family.

Have a website that's not getting enough traffic?

Let us have a look and we’ll give you a video overview of simple and quick fixes you can do to improve your site—free of charge and with no obligation to hire us after!